Capital Brewery Wisconsin Amber

For more than 25 years Capital Brewery has proudly represented Wisconsin’s rich brewing heritage. Capital produces a wide range of liquid personalities, all of whom are dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of life. Please allow their products to welcome your palate to a world of balance, harmony and eminent drinkability. For Capital–it’s all about the beer. Follow the Capital Brewery story here.

Capital Brewing Wisconsin Amber

Cook boldly. Start locally.
Chef Leah Capan’s Amber Beer & Balsamic Salad Dressing

Look for Leah’s Amber Beer & Balsamic
Salad Dressing in our Salad Bar this month
(now featuring organic greens!).
Mix half cup Wisconsin Amber with 1 cup
any balsamic salad dressing. Toss with
local spinach, strawberries or dried
Door County cherries, and Hidden Springs
fresh sheep’s milk cheese.

Even if it’s nothing fancy, cooking unites. Here at Metcalfe’s, whether we’re bringing people or flavors together, we start with local ingredients like Capital Brewery Wisconsin Amber.

Cook boldly with these beer cooking tips from Chef Leah Caplan:

  • Leah’s Beer Brats: Grill local brats, hold in a pot of hot sauerkraut, peeled and sliced apples and Wisconsin Amber (add cooked bacon if you need it). Enjoy on a crusty roll slathered with brown mustard!
  • Beer Bathed Wild Shrimp: Poach wild American shrimp, wild Alaska sockeye or Lake Michigan whitefish in equal parts Wisconsin Amber & water with bay leaves, onion, carrot, thyme, lemon juice and plenty of black pepper.
  • Garlic Ginger Beer Chicken: Two hours before grilling, marinate chicken, fish or pork in Wisconsin Amber and lots of
    pureed garlic and ginger.
  • Beer Salmon Glaze: Cook together until reduced to a glaze: ¼ cup Wisconsin Amber with 2T local maple syrup, 2T brown sugar, 4T melted local butter, 1T lemon juice, and 1t ground chili or curry. Broil, grill or bake, basting frequently with glaze. Recommended for salmon, black cod or pork.
  • Beer Pancakes: Replace water/milk in pancakes, waffles or matzo balls with Wisconsin Amber for a lighter, more savory, and more robust treat.
  • Beer Olé: Add a splash of Wisconsin Amber to gazpacho just before serving!



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