We’re 100% Green Powered!

Metcalfe’s Market is proud to be powered completely with renewable electricity. That means the electricity to power every light, refrigerator, and check out-lane comes from renewable sources, rather than fossil fuels.

We do this with our partner, Ethos Green Power. "Grocery stores are generally large energy users because of our product mix, store size and the fact that we're open seven days a week" said Tim Metcalfe, President. "It's critical that we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint—both because it's the right thing to do and because we know it's important to our customers." In fact, all three of our stores, Hilldale, West Towne and Wauwatosa, are 100% green powered. Using the energy of wind and sunshine, we are able to maintain a premium shopping experience for our customers. Metcalfe’s commitment exemplifies the fresh and local nature of belief in the benefits of green power.

Our combined renewable energy purchases are about 85% wind and 15% solar power, and offset the carbon dioxide and other dangerous chemicals equivalent of 64.3 railcars of coal annually. Plus, we promote local buying by offering more than 3,000 local foods to our customers (communicating Food Miles through signage so our customers know how far each item travels from the farm to our shelves). Here at Metcalfe’s we also use long-lasting, energy-sipping LED lighting, offer plastic bag recycling and encourage our customers to participate in our REUSE & CHOOSE bag recycling program where we pay $.10 per bag if brought in from home (customers can keep that $.10 or donate it to our local Charity of the Month).

The Ethos Green Power program is part of Green Power Generation, a non-profit that promotes energy literacy. Renewable power purchased through this program is unique in that we source energy locally. This keeps our investment close to home, so that our choice benefits the same communities we purchase your food from. In fact, some of the same farms we get food from also provide us renewable power. "Our Green Power programs show our dedication to our community and are a simple way for consumers to support renewable energy just by doing everyday shopping," said Metcalfe. "It's a way for us to lead by example and to show that every bit of green power can make a difference."

Green power benefits:

  • Reduce climate change
  • Reduce environmental impacts of developing fossil fuels
  • Reduce our dependence on scarce energy sources
  • Reduce our dependence on foreign energy resources
  • Create long-term clean jobs in manufacturing and construction
  • Strengthen local economies
  • Better health with clean air and water

Ethose Green Power



The Best Selection of Beef in Town!

  • Local & Sustainable

  • Kobe*

  • Prime

  • Dry-Aged*

  • Choice Black Angus

  • Grass-Fed

  • Organic

*Metcalfe’s Hilldale only.

Best in town?
You tell us!

Carl's Cakes

Contact our bakery department for all of our fabulous flavors and sizes, including local Carl’s Cakes at Hilldale.

Keep reusing your bags!

Money collected in our cafe tip jars is used to purchase reusable grocery bags that are donated to local schools, decorated by students and distributed for FREE on Earth Day.

Metcalfe’s Floral Studio guarantees more than 50 varieties of premium quality flowers and plants everyday (at grocery store prices)!

  • We Deliver
  • Open 24 Hours*
  • Walk-in Cooler*
  • 5-Day Flower Guarantee
  • Award-winning design

*Metcalfe’s Hilldale only.