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Welcome to Metcalfe’s Meat Department, where quality and selection come first. In addition to offering the widest selection of premium, fresh cut beef, and organic and natural poultry, we are now proud to say that we support our local farmers too. Learn more about our local farms below and consider choosing high quality, humanely and sustainably-raised meat for your table.

All products below are available at Metcalfe’s Hilldale, with the exception of Otter Creek Organic Beef (Black Earth Meats cooperative organic beef is available at Hilldale). You can currently find Otter Creek Beef, Wisconsin Meadows Beef and Pinn-Oak Ridge Lamb at our Wauwatosa store. All local meats are subject to availability.






Organic, Pasture-Grazed

Our animals are heirloom varieties selected for taste. The beef cattle are Angus. All our livestock are pastured whenever possible and fed forages to maximize their good health. All our animals are given free access to the land with free choice grains and minerals available to them. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used, and our herds and land are certified organic. We are adamant about treating our animals as humanely as possible.



Grass Fed, Naturally Raised

Wisconsin Meadows is a cooperative of small, family farms throughout the state who believe in humanely raising 100% grass-fed cattle from Wisconsin meadows. With well-managed pastures to protect soil and water resources and provide wildlife habitat, these healthy cows thrive on an all-forage diet (never fed corn, grain or animal by-products). Naturally raised without growth hormones or antibiotics.



Pasture-Raised, Purebred Berkshire

Willow Creek Farm is an old-fashioned farm in the beautiful Baraboo Hills of Wisconsin. Tony and Sue Renger raise their animals the way it used to be, outdoors and naturally. The hogs can move in and out of shelters, roam the green grassy pastures, enjoy the fresh air and they have clean sweet straw for their beds. They are happy, healthy animals. Purebred Berkshire pork is the highest quality pork, it is naturally tender and tastes great.



Pasture-Raised (Frozen)

We allow our animals to enjoy pasture grass as much as possible so they can get necessary nutrients naturally. We take great care to provide our hogs with the most healthy environment and diet possible. As a result, our pork has given us very loyal and happy customers. Our broilers chickens are free-range and pasture-raised. We strongly believe this to be the best way to keep our birds healthy and happy, as well as providing the best quality food for your table.



Organic (Frozen)

We have a certified organic, grass-based farm where we rotationally graze our animals and rotate our crops. We don’t use any herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. All animals have access to sunlight and pasture. Certified by Oregon Tilth.



Pasture-Raised (Frozen)

Happy chicken! Our birds eat a vegetarian, antibiotic-free blend of feed that consists of locally-sourced corn and soybeans, probiotics, yeast, kelp and other micronutrients. At four weeks of age they move outside to their own large area of pasture where they enjoy the sun, fresh air and whatever nature brings their way. We do not use cages to raise our birds, nor do we house them in large warehouses. We also take three times longer than industrial operations to raise our birds, which gives them time to grow normally and healthily.



Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms is setting the standards for premium grain fed lamb. All orders are state & federally inspected and cry-o-vaced for freshness. This high quality product is known for its mild and sweet taste, as well as a remarkably juicy and tender consistency. Hormone and antibiotic free!

*Food Miles are calculated from each farm to our Madison location.

Eat wild for CLA’s! More grass, please.

CLA is a newly discovered good fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” that may have a powerful effect on our health. In recent studies, scientists have shown that CLA can lower the risk for cancer and arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries), as well as reduce body fat and delay the onset of diabetes, although human studies are still in their infancy. Research has shown that an all-grass diet can significantly increase the level of CLA in beef and dairy. Because green plants are rich in the linoleic acid necessary to produce to CLA, grass-fed animals typically produce two to four times the CLA of their grain-fed counterparts.



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